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Promisope is a company which defines and solves problems for disabled and incurable patients. We simply build for caring people around us who is situated on the blind spot of medical care.
Our mission is on the hope and promise with people we take care of.


Careple is a product built with warm hearted in Seoul, Korea. Careple represented “Caring people”.
It provides a simple management tool for organization to take care of disabled and incurable patients from data management and medical analytics.


Smart management

We provide the smartest way of managing all the data what you need for your organization from treatment to bill checks.

Instant Scheduling

Instant scheduling provide seamless scheduling process for admin people in the organization. It just works among patient, admin people and rehabilitation physician.

medical Analytics

Every physician make record for their patient after treatment is over. We keep tracking patient data to provide insight about which treatment is effective on certain patient.